Food Packaging

Fresh, Frozen, Dry, Baked, Dairy, Confectionery, Baby, Pet, Beverages, Others...

Beware of imitations! Many similar-looking food cartons, we are providing a fancy finish. High quality take out boxes for your restaurant or business, or any type of event. We have a large selection of disposable bakery boxes, take-out containers, pizza boxes, Candy Packaging, Wine Boxes, Favor boxes, Baby food, Pet food, etc.. We offer a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and materials to meet your individual needs.

Personal care

Cosmetics, Beauty, make-up, FMCG, Perfumes, Hotel applications, among others.

To meet fast-paced changes in the market, these segments already recognize the necessity for unique packaging for eye catching. We have are helping your brands through innovative and high- performing folding cartons. we've taken Personal care packaging to a whole new level of design, style, and use.

Household care

Laundry Detergent , Furniture care, cleaning equipment, Clothes, etc....

Our packaging will serve you well whether you're looking to move, ship, store, decorate or celebrate! We are always made with durability, solid craftsmanship and the highest possible standard of quality. covered with a variety of special packaging.

Health Care

medical, dental, human health products, health facilities, laboratories, clinics, and pharmaceutical....

Superior in quality and function with electronic and visual inspection with customizable features. Just as important as the health care business, healthcare packaging is an integral part of any health care-related or business. everything you need to package safely and attractively.

Hardware and Electrical

Appliance, power tools, electronic devices, Hardware......

Advanced packaging boxes for shipping, storage, and more! . our packaging are always made with durability and the highest possible standard of quality. why we offer a huge selection of packaging ideas whether for commercial or individual purposes. we offer much more than just ordinary packaging.


Automotive care products, Leather care , hand tools, Tobaco

We offer a complete line of packaging products to protect and insulate your products against damage, Using the right materials ensures that your shipment doesn't move around if the package is shaken or dropped during shipment. high quality, fast speeds, big media formats, low cost substrates, and mainstream production efficiency.