Why Smart Box?


At SMART BOX, we are working rigorously to develop creative, innovative, high quality and cost-effective packaging solutions. because of that, we will always strive to understand the market dynamics and the ever-changing needs of our customers and to develop solutions that positively impact their brands.

Business Philosophy

Sincerity and Creativity our key for customer Loyalty.

We bring the best creative packaging designs, state of art printing and packaging technologies, and most innovative team to create a Unique Packaging help your business grow and stands out from the competition.

Our Vision

To be the source of creative packaging solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

To provide superior packaging that CONSUMER recommend to family and friends, Brand Owners prefer for their brands, PRODUCERS select for their machines, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long term returns..

Values and Culture

Customer satisfaction / Passion for Success / Uniqueness / Integrity / Quality / Trust